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Purchasing diamond jewelry is a matter of personal preference which is influenced by

factors such as aesthetics, durability, and budget.

The main components in diamond jewelry are Metal and diamond. 


Gold & Platinum metal is a popular choice for many as it is durable, resistant to oxidation,

and resistant to corrosion, and its resale value as its more precious.

With that said both metals are very expensive and not affordable to everyone.

If you are purchasing jewelry for investment or social status gold metal will be the perfect choice. On the flip side silver metal is an alternative to consider.  925 Silver is the most popular form

used in jewelry making. 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper and/or zinc are called

925 Sterling Silver. Silver is a precious metal like gold but way cheaper than gold.

One of the major reasons is its large reserves which exceed demand.

So why is gold a more popular metal of choice in jewelry over silver metal? 

Silver metal is softer and tarnishes when exposed to moisture and certain types of chemicals in the air.

Why would one even consider buying jewelry made of silver metal?

Say a necklace chain made with 925 silver costs $150 it will cost north of $1,500 if made with 14K gold.


Will the jewelry made with 925 sterling silver look like jewelry made with gold metal or platinum metal?

925 sterling silver has a white-greyish color. In order to match the color of jewelry look like gold metal and platinum metal, a thin layer of electroplating is applied to the jewelry item which enables it to give a similar look. Gold, Platinum, and Rhodium are the three most popular forms of metal used for the plating process to achieve the desired type of color.


If you are willing to try the alternative metal over gold or platinum, silver metal is a great choice. Jewelry made with Copper, Brass, and Stainless steel as the base metal and then plated with gold is a lot cheaper than jewelry made with Silver as the base metal. We don’t offer those alternatives on our online store as we don’t think our customers will get value for their money buying from us.


Natural diamond is also referred to as Mined Diamond. For centuries diamonds have been worn by leaders, celebrities & and people with wealth to symbolize strength and invincibility. Till date substitute products are compared with natural diamonds, and one key factor that sets natural diamond separate from its substitute counterpart is natural diamonds resale value.


Lab Grown diamond which is identical to a mined diamond is manufactured by placing a seed in a sealed chamber that is heated to over 1,400 Fahrenheit and filled with carbon-rich gases. These gases are then ionized into plasma using technology like lasers or microwaves to break down the molecular bond of the gas. Once the molecular bond is broken down, pure carbon begins to stick to the seed and a new diamond form.


Moissanite diamond is manufactured in a laboratory using silicon carbide. One of the key differences between Lab Grown Diamond & Lab Grown Moissanite diamond is its carat weight when compared to Natural Diamond. Lab Grown Diamond is identical in weight when compared with the same MM size of a Natural Diamond, whereas Lab Grown Moissanite Diamond is about 12% lighter. A 6.5 MM Round Shape Natural Diamond weighs 1.00 CTS, Lab Grown Diamond weighs the same but Lab Grown Moissanite Diamond weighs 0.88 CTS.


CZ diamond is made of Zirconium Dioxide and is the cheapest substitute for a natural diamond. A 6.5 MM Round Shape CZ diamond weighs about 1.70 CTS. CZ diamond in high quality is a great alternative to natural diamond. Lab Grown Moissanite diamond has a higher refractive index and hardness over a CZ diamond which makes Moissanite Diamond sparkle like a Natural Diamond, hence we recommend Moissanite Diamond over CZ diamond.


At Difference Inc. our vision is to offer great value jewelry items for everyday wear, for every occasion and for everyone. Lab grown diamond has become a great choice over natural diamond, but the price of lab grown diamond has been falling year over year. The selling price of a lab grown diamond is determined compared to the price of a natural diamond, on the other hand the resale value of lab grown diamond is no where close to a natural diamond. Its obvious lab grown diamonds are sold at a huge discount over natural diamond. Let us give you an example to make our point.


For comparison let’s take 6.5 mm round shaped diamond F color VVS2, natural diamond will be around $7,000, lab grown diamond around $1,250, lab grown moissanite diamond around $50, and CZ diamond will be around $5. A comparison is made for a loose diamond stone and should be used as reference to understand the price difference between four available options.


If you want something you never had and you want to have it, go with the options that will let you experience the luxury with a Difference.

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