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Difference Inc. has over 25 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry.

We are confident to provide our customers with the best jewelry products at the most affordable prices.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience, and connections. We are committed to providing

our customers with the best possible service and are confident that we can help our customers find

the perfect piece of jewelry.

Luxury is mostly associated with high price tags that seem out of reach for the average person.

But what if we told you that luxury doesn't have to stretch your budget. Elegant designs made

with quality materials such as sterling silver with gold plating or platinum plating and set

with Moissanite diamond will give you the luxury feel that you deserve. Our goal is to offer

Luxurious & Classic styles that can be worn every day, for every occasion, by everyone.

So next time you're looking to add a touch of luxury remember that affordability doesn't mean

sacrificing style or quality. Embrace the alternative to natural diamond & lab-grown diamond

with high-quality Lab Grown Moissanite Diamond to experience elegance and sophistication

that will make you feel the difference.

Custom-made jewelry is an excellent option for those seeking luxury without spending a fortune.

With custom-made pieces, you can have something uniquely designed just for you. The beauty of

custom-made jewelry lies in its ability to be tailored specifically for you. Whether you're looking

for a stunning engagement ring that symbolizes your love story a necklace a pendant, earrings,

or a bracelet, or a bangle that captures your personality, custom-made jewelry allows you to

create something truly one-of-a-kind within your budget.



How to be different from other online jewelry stores.

We want to offer jewelry items that will make our customers feel the difference. We would like our

customers to make us their preferred online jeweler

to give them the ability to customize a jewelry item

they want in the budget they want.

When it comes to Diamond Jewelry the options

are Natural Diamond, Lab Grown Diamond,

Lab Grown Moissanite Diamond & CZ Diamond.

Customers will shop according to their preferences

of choice and budget. We think Lab Grown Moissanite Diamond is a great alternative to Lab Grown Diamond.

Item offered on our website with Lab Grown Moissanite

or CZ Diamond can always be customized with

Lab Grown Diamond or Natural Diamond if the

customer wishes to have it that way.

When it comes to precious metal the options are Gold, Platinum & Silver. Gold & Platinum are the most popular metals used in Engagement Ring and Wedding Band. Silver metal is a great alternative for Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Bangles & Necklaces. Jewelry made with silver metal is a great way to get value for money. It allows one to give

a gift that will make a difference over giving chocolates,

flowers, candles, teddy bears as a gift.

A Gift Of Jewelry Always Makes A Difference™



Why are we confident we can make a difference for our customers to shop from our online store?

At Difference Inc. we are committed to transparency, integrity, and exceptional customer service. We are ready

to go the extra mile to earn your trust. We understand

that trust is not something that can be taken for granted, but rather it is something that needs to be earned.

Trust is at the core of everything we do at Difference Inc.


​ When you shop from our online store, we assure you that customer satisfaction will be our top priority. We hope you will give us that opportunity. We know online shopping comes with its own challenges, and for that reason, we are determined to make a Difference for our customers.

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